We collect the below data points. Altogether they constitute a Location Update -a JSON file that is 692 Bytes heavy.

Data Explanation Example
Required by default
Latitude Geographic coordinate north-south 12.9994659423828
Longitude Geographic coordinate west-east 77.67440978
Course Direction heading in relation to north 79.4345372194527
Speed Speed in kilometers per hour (only in motion) 5 km/h
Altitude Height above the sea level in meters 10 m
Horizontal accuracy Horizontal accuracy of the coordinates 15.1393880388767
Vertical accuracy Vertical accuracy of the coordinates 10.5245764724479
Activity Is the user moving or did they stop? motion/stop
Recorded Location recorded at timestamp in UTC 2020-08-05T15:51:33.929Z
Offset Location recorded at timezone
Enabled by default
User ID Unique user ID ObjectId("5e4dc439ff576305bc6b9f49")
Location Unique object ID ObjectId("5e4dc439ff576305bc6b9f49")
App ID Project ID 5e4dc439ff576305bc6b9f49_1/5e4dc439ff576305bc6b9f49_2
App context Application state Foreground/background/terminated
GPS status Is GPS tracking enabled? true/false
Tracking mode Tracking mode that the location was collected at active/passive/balanced/distance/time
Location permission Is location permission enabled? true/false
Network status Is internet connection enabled? true/false
Disabled by default
Remaining battery Remaining battery in percentage 90%
Battery saver Is battery saver mode enabled? true/false
Battery status Is battery charging? true/false
OS version Current version of operating system iOS 13.4
Device manufacturer Device manufacturer name iPhone
Device model Mobile device model iPhone XS Max