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Get started with tracking locations for free.

  • plan-imgs 10,000 Location Updates
  • plan-imgs20,000 Pub/Sub messages
  • plan-imgs1000 API Requests
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per month, annual contract or €45.85 EUR month-to-month


Build realtime location-aware apps with pub/sub functions.

  • plan-imgs 250,000 Location Updates
  • plan-imgs500,000 Pub/Sub messages
  • plan-imgs25,000 API Requests
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per month, annual contract or €90.85 EUR month-to-month


Take your apps to the next level with our accuracy engine.

  • plan-imgs750,000 Location Updates
  • plan-imgs1,500,000 Pub/Sub messages
  • plan-imgs75,000 API Requests
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per month, annual contract or €228.85 EUR month-to-month


Integrate location features directly to your backend applications.

  • plan-imgs2,500,000 Location Updates
  • plan-imgs5,000,000 Pub/Sub messages
  • plan-imgs250,000 API Requests
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per month, annual contract or €573.85 EUR month-to-month


Customize your location updates with custom JSON parameters.

  • plan-imgs7,500,000 Location Updates
  • plan-imgs15,000,000 Pub/Sub messages
  • plan-imgs750,000 API Requests
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Number of Projects11346
Number of Team MembersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Data Retention Days7 Days14 Days30 Days45 Days60 Days
SDK Features
Always-On Locationtickticktickticktick
Offline Location Trackingtickticktickticktick
Mock Location Preventiontickticktickticktick
Smart Tracking Modestickticktickticktick
Custom Tracking Modesticktickticktick
Accuracy Enginetickticktick
API Features
Locations tick ticktickticktick
Insights ticktickticktick
Geofencing tick ticktickticktick
Trips tick ticktickticktick
Nearby ticktickticktick
Publish Locationstickticktickticktick
Publish Locations with Metadataticktick
Publish Locations with JSONtick
Subscribe Locations via Webhooktickticktickticktick
Subscribe Locations via Client SDKstickticktick
Subscribe Location via Backend SDKs ticktick
Support LevelsCommunityAtlassian (Email)Atlassian (Email)SlackSlack

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Overage Fee (per 100,000 Units)FreeStarterAdvancedGrowthBusiness
Location Updates-€3.50€3.00€2.50€2.00
Pub/Sub Messages-€4.50€4.00€3.50€3.00
API Requests-€8.00€7.60€7.20€6.90
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Enterprise Pricing

Have more than 15 million location updates? Get it touch with our team for custom pricing.

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Track Only Pricing

Just want to use the SDK and send location updates back to your own backend sever? Get in touch with our team for more info.

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What is a Pub/Sub Message?

Publish (pub) is process of sending recorded locations from the client SDK in a message to a backend. Subscribe (sub) is the process of receiving the recorded locations to the webhook or client and backend SDKs. Every separate pub/sub activity counts as one Pub/Sub message.

What happens when i exceed plan limits?

Each plan comes with predefined limits to use our services like Location Updates, Pub/Sub Messages and API Requests. When you exceed the plans limits an overage fee will be charged.

What are Overage Fees?

Overage fees will charged if you exceed your plans limits. Each plan has different overage fees and is charged per 100,000 Units.

What is the billing period?

Your billing period will start from the first payment after you subscirbe to a plan. You’ll be billed every rolling 30 days. If your subscription starts on the 10th of the month, you’ll be charged on the 10th of the following month.

What does annual contract mean?

Annual pricing is only available to customers who make a commitment for a whole year, which lets you have a 15% discount. Customers will be charged 1/12 of the annual fee at the end of each month. Overage fees will be charged on top of the monthly payment at the end of each month.

What payment methods do we offer?

We offer, AMEX, Visa and Mastercard and Diners Club.


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