’s demo app is called “GeoSpark Ignite”. The demo app allows you to test out our SDK and APIs without using code or integrating into your own application. You can test the accuracy and efficiency of our location SDK, choose between location tracking modes and try out our APIs.

In the app you can try out the following features:

  • Choose between’s Tracking Modes: Active, Balanced and Passive
  • Get location updates as you explore
  • Test out’s Online and Offline Trips API, Geofence API and Insights API
  • Detect home and work location
  • Get geofence entry and exit events
  • Get trip events: left origin and arrived at the destination

Who is the Ignite App for?

The Ignite App is for product managers and anyone who want to try out the capabilities of’s SDK and APIs without any coding.

If you’re a developer who wants to test’s location SDK and APIs in an application, you can start building with our free plan.