Introducing Cordova Plugin

Introducing Cordova Plugin

Good news, everyone!

We are pleased to announce that developers and enterprises that use Cordova to create apps can now make their apps location aware with Cordova plugin and building location based hybrid application is made easy.

Why do developers like Cordova?

  1. Simple to Learn: There is no need of learning complicated code languages. Cordova works on the most common browsers and it can be developed with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  2. Compatible on Multiple Platforms: Building application that looks same across multiple platforms is made easy with Cordova.
  3. Cost Effective Development: Once a developer builds a Cordova app, it can be submitted to all platforms. So, you can save a lot of  money, efforts and time involved in developing native apps using different programming language for each  platform.
  4. Cordova Plugins: Apache Cordova plugins are an extensive feature. There are wide range of open source plugins available for Cordova.

What can you do with a location-aware app?

  1. Send relevant notifications: Location marketing through geofences allows businesses to target right customers which brings better ROI when compared to other offline marketing channels. Send location targeted notifications and increase user engagement of active users, so they get the most out of your business.
  2. Track Locations: Location apps can considerably improve customer experience by tracking their location information. Build live location with our efficient and high accuracy SDKs and APIs for iOS, Android, Cordova and ReactNative.
  3. Analyze Location Data: Provide personalized user experience to increase user retention through our insights and analytics APIs.

Setup is very easy and you can learn all about in this doc.

We always have plans to add many more features and support other frameworks in the future. Once you have integrated the Cordova SDK and tried out our example application, we would love to get your feedback. Feel free to create an issue in the corresponding Github repository, or to reach out to our support engineers.

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