Location tracking

What is location tracking?

It is a process of identifying the location of a mobile phone whether stationary or moving. Our solution includes collecting latitude and longitude coordinates from GPS satellites through the GPS chip present in the smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems. Along with the geographical coordinates, we collect a number

What are location tracking modes?

We offer 5 modes of location tracking - three default and two based on custom time or distance intervals. They differ based on two factors: frequency of location updates and battery consumption. The higher the frequency, the higher the battery consumption. Based on the use case, different location tracking modes

Can I track the location of a mobile device that is offline?

With our location tracking solution you can get access to the location data of your users consistently, even if they are offline or traveling through a remote location. The location data gets updated to the server as soon as the user is back online. Read more about offline location tracking

What is location spoofing? How can I prevent it?

Location spoofing is an interface (GPX file or a mobile app) that allows users to fake their mobile device location. It could be compared to a VPN that hides users’ IP addresses and encrypts the data users send or receive. Roam.ai’s location tracking detects and prevents location spoofing,

What data points do you collect?

We collect the below data points. Altogether they constitute a Location Update -a JSON file that is 692 Bytes heavy. Data Explanation Example Required by default Latitude Geographic coordinate north-south 12.9994659423828 Longitude Geographic coordinate west-east 77.67440978 Course Direction heading in relation to north 79.4345372194527 Speed Speed in

Where do you store the data?

Roam.ai data is stored on secure and reliable servers by Amazon Web Services.

Pub/Sub Message

Pub/sub messages are part of our publish/subscribe architecture for creating real-time location based experiences. (Pub)lish Message is a process of sending the location update from the client SDK to a backend. (Sub)scribe Message is a process of receiving the location update via webhooks or our client

What are location SDKs?

To understand what location SDKs are, we need to first clarify what an SDK is. An SDK stands for a software development kit. They are codes that an app developer puts into their application. It can be understood as a toolkit that app developers and publishers add to their existing

Location Accuracy vs. Location Precision

The words accuracy and precision have been used interchangeably but when it comes to location, accuracy and precision have different meanings. Accuracy Location accuracy refers to how close a device's geographical determinant is to the real position of the device. The location accuracy of a device is dependent on the

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