What is's Geofencing product?'s geofencing API allows you to create and manage geofences - virtual boundaries around a real-world geographic area. You can create unlimited polygon geofences with custom color codes, tags, descriptions and get entry and exit events captured in real time via webhooks. Our geofence API is customizable to your

What type of geofences do you offer?

We offer two types of geofences: static and moving (dynamic/roaming). Static geofences can be in a circular shape or polygon shape (irregular shapes, e.g. shape of a building or park). A moving geofence can be in a circular shape only.

What are geofence events?

Geofence events are the triggers that occur when a user physically enters or leaves the geographical area where geofence has been created. You can use our entry and exit events to trigger notifications on your side.

What are the common use cases for geofencing?

Businesses across many industries can use geofences to collect data about their clients and engage with their audience based on their location and movement.   Geofencing is common in areas concerning travel, retail, entertainment, food/dining, ride-hailing, on-demand delivery and more.

What is geofencing?

Per definition, a geofence is a virtual boundary or fence around a real-world geographical area. When a user enters or exits a geofence, it triggers a response that can be used to send alerts in the form of app notifications to their device. These notifications can range from advertisements to

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