Launching the Developer Community Forum

Ask questions, find solutions and share ideas for anything and everything location

Launching the Developer Community Forum

We’re happy to announce the launch of’s new Developer Community Forum! We’ve designed the forum as a place where developers can ask us questions, give feedback, find out more about how to use our SDKs and APIs and help each other with anything and everything location.

From the beginning of we have aimed to build strong relationships with our developer customer base. We hope the new forum will allow us to further support our developers and help to build a community where members can support each other.

How can I get involved?

To get started head to to sign-up and start participating.

To make it easier, we’ve split up the forum into different sections based on our product features including Tracking, Publish/Subscribe and our multiple APIs. To help our team and other developers find relevant content, choose the most appropriate primary and secondary tags for your question.

Let’s say you’re having a problem integrating our location tracking modes into your iOS application. Select ‘Start a Discussion’, compose your message and select the tags that work best.

What can I post about?

While we’ll always continue to support our customers via the existing support channels including email and Slack, we’re committed to making our SDK and APIs as accessible as possible. If you have any questions, from integration to a bug fix, we want to hear from you.

Use the forum to:

  • Get help integrating our SDK
  • Request new features
  • Report bugs and issues
  • Get product updates
  • Learn new ways of building with location
  • Connect with other developers

Join the conversation

So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up now and help our community grow together.
Have any feedback? Post it on the discussion board or send a question to our team.