Introducing's new pricing model has a new usage-based pricing model. Read more about how our new pricing plans can work for you.

Introducing's new pricing model

Moving away from user based pricing

Since the beginning (formerly GeoSpark) has offered user based pricing. This means that we were charging our clients for each user they were tracking per month. As long as per user pricing is easy to understand and predictable it can work perfectly for some SaaS products. But as our core product has evolved we came to the realization that it’s not the optimal model for us and our clients. That’s why we’ve decided to move away from user-based pricing to reflect our offering and to allow customers' to scale without a sudden cost increase.

Introducing usage based pricing

After careful research, data analysis and numerous feedback sessions with our clients we’ve decided to introduce a usage based pricing. As its name suggests, in this model the customer is charged according to their usage of the product. We concluded that the model being directly proportional to the usage is the most fair as it answers our customers’ needs while allowing them to scale securely.

Units with monetary value

Introducing the new pricing model means we needed to define the units that would have a monetary value directly related to what we offer. In other words, if you pay for what you use, we need to have a unit we charge for. The three units present in our pricing model are:

  • Location update - a single record of latitude and longitude data along with speed, altitude and along with other supporting data points.
  • Pub/Sub Message - (Pub)lish Message is a process of sending the location update from the client SDK to a backend; (Sub)scribe Message is a process of receiving the location update via webhooks or our client and backend SDKs.
  • API Request - a request that allows you to retrieve data from a data source, send data, or modify data.

Pricing plans

We’ve enriched our model with different pricing plans. They are carefully drafted to fit the needs of different company sizes and to be applicable for various use cases. Each plan comes with different limits for Location Updates, Pub/Sub Messages and API requests you can consume per month. In case you exceed the limit, you’ll be charged a small Overage Fee for the additional units you consume instead of having to move to a higher plan. There are also different features available in each pricing plan. We believe that with a wide selection of plans you can choose the right option for your use case. The prices start from €39 per month for a Starter plan.

Do you want to send location updates back to your own backend server or need a custom solution for a bigger usage limit? Get in touch as custom pricing and packages are available upon request for enterprise customers.

What are the benefits?

We’ve created our new pricing model thinking of our clients and making sure it’s:

  • Affordable - we offer competitive prices with volume discounts and extra 15% off rewarding your yearly commitment,
  • Flexible - you can select a plan that fits your needs and customise the way you want to billed: annually or monthly,
  • Transparent - with the three units mentioned above, you have the full clarity what you pay for and how much you pay. The billing information is easily accessible from a single dashboard.
  • Scalable - from a couple to millions of users tracked per month, your cost is not directly tied to the user count but the actual product usage.

Free plan

To give you a testing ground to experiment and try our products we’ve introduced a Free plan. It’s a generous freemium tier with 10.000 Location Updates, 20.000 Pub/Sub messages and 1000 API Requests. The volume is absolutely sufficient for the test environment.

Learn more

Visit our new pricing page to get familiar with all our pricing plans and select the one for you. We also have a custom pricing for enterprise customers with large usage volume.

Reach out to us to learn more.