Location Intelligence provider Roam.ai launches integration with Mobile & web analytics platform Countly

Location Intelligence provider Roam.ai launches integration with Mobile & web analytics platform Countly

Roam.ai is always game to bring ease to the life of the developers. Today, we’re super duper excited to announce that Countly users can now sync their geolocation (aka Geofences - a virtual geographic boundary) to Roam.ai platform - with an integration which takes less than a couple of minutes.

What does Countly do?

Explore user behavior on an individual level of detail
Understand how your application is used using app usage analytics
Engage with your customers using Push Notifications
Fix any problem before it impacts your business using crash analytics
Glimpse of the countly dashboard

Too cool, right? It'll be even exciting when you know what can you achieve using Countly and Roam.ai both.

I'm sure you must be wondering why do I need use Roam.ai then? Is it worth the effort? What will I get with this integration?

We understand even that 2 mins is precious to you. We're always focused on providing our users with such integration where we follow the DRY principle. If you are an existing Countly user then it's matter of minutes to sync your geolocation from Countly to Roam.ai.

Well, Here are few things to which might help you think more.

  1. This integration removes the hassle of maintaining your geolocation in two different platforms.
  2. Create your geolocation in Countly and make use of that in Roam.ai for running your Campaigns (Location Marketing) and building applications on geofence events.
  3. Filter all your geolocations from Countly in our playground dashboard with our smart filter
  4. Make use of our REST APIs to get all your geofences (Countly's as well as created in Roam.ai) and build something cool or do more analytics for better business decision.

Integration is pretty simple and updated in our docs page. Please have a look here.


Here is a quick look:

Integration with Countly using Roam.ai Demo

After your integration, you can start making use of synced geofences for anything with Roam.ai.

What's next ?

We're not done yet. Countly and Roam.ai both has immense possibilitties to explore. In our next phase, users can stream the geofence events data from Roam.ai to Countly to add up some more spice to their existing analytics.

Feel free to reach out to us in case you're looking for similar integration.

Happy Location Tracking,

Team Roam.ai